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TanqBay Mobile is our site that is dedicated to producing mobile apps for Android operated phones and tablets. We have developed and released several apps of our own and we have also been contracted to help develop other mobile applications for other companies.

The applications that we have developed and released for TanqBay Mobile are:

TanqBay Travel – www.tanqbaytravel.com — www.tanqbaymobile.com — or visit the app in our Google Play Store

TanyBay Word Search – www.tanqbaymobile.com — or visit the app in our Google Play Store

TanqBay World Markets — www.tanqbaymobile.com — or visit the app in our Google Play Store

All of these apps can also be found on the Amazon Market

We love building apps and this is something that we will continue to do. So make sure you check back often to the www.tanqbaymobile.com site and visit our blog to find out what we are releasing next.

We are currently working on getting our apps on the iTunes store. We will let you know as soon as we get approved and our apps are published.

Like we said earlier we have also been contracted to build apps for other companies. One app that we worked on was called Rip Map. This is a mapping software that maps all of the oil wells located in the Bakken Oil field formation located in Montana, North Dakota, and South Dakota. You can visit the Rip Map Site, visit the Google Play Store or visit TanqBayMobile.com to check out this app.

Another app that we were recently contracted to build is a political app that allows you support a Constitutional Amendment and then allows you to contact your state’s Government Representative. We should be releasing this app very shortly.

If you have any questions about building apps then visit www.tanqbaymobile.com and contact us about your questions. If you would like help marketing your site or your apps then please contact us by CLICKING HERE.

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