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TanqBay Sprinklers is a website that we developed to help along a business that we have operated for years. We have done landscape sprinklers for over 20 years and we received all of our business by word of mouth. Basically, we never advertised anywhere and the only way that people could find us was by being directly referred to us by someone that knows of us. We did not and we still do not have our phone number listed in the phone book, and we do not spend a dime on advertising.

So with this in mind we decided that we would try a little experiment in local marketing. We decided that the only thing that we were going to do was to build a website and then see if we could get the first position within Google organic search terms for key words that were specific to the sprinkler industry located in our area.

So we built our site and set out to get the first position within Google organic search terms in our area. Well as luck would have it, we did not get the #1 position for all of our search terms. We instead got #1, #2, and #3 for our key words. This has brought in a lot of business and we could not be happier.

With this success we decided that we wanted to help other businesses get the #1, #2, and #3 positions of their key words in their market. So we are now offering a program that will help businesses achieve this same success in their local markets. You can view all of the details by visiting TanqBay Local Marketing Page on this site.

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